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Mobdro app is one of the best entertainment application today. This amazing Mobdro application constantly searches and crawls the web for the new and best free video streams. Then Mobdro app makes them accessible on our mobile devices. That makes Mobdro app is one of the best video streaming app nowadays with great video quality.


Mobdro App : Free Online TV and Video Streaming

Mobdro Free App

Mobdro is a free application that enables users to watch TV channels, movies, shows, musics, sports, news, tech and other videos on their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. But sometimes people also can use other media players like PC / laptop and smart TV. Mobdro also has premium version which is completely ad free.

Mobdro 2.0.30 version is available now. You can download this latest official Mobdro apk file at here


An Introduction and A Little Review on Mobdro App

Mobdro app might be the one thing being searched by some people out there. This is an application said to be very useful especially for the people who really love to spend time watching the free videos via internet. Day by day, the internet becomes a bridge connecting millions of people around the world. Many of them spend their time to upload videos on a variety of streaming websites. Mobdro is an application created to be used on Android devices. It will constantly search for the free video streams available on the internet and then makes the videos available for mobile devices.

What is Mobdro Free App ?

There are two types of Mobdro being offered by the developer. The first one is called freemium or Mobdro free app and the other one labeled as premium. The freemium is obviously available for free and if users feel satisfied, they can upgrade the application to the premium one. The premium version is obviously not free to be used. However, there will be extra features those will enhance user experience.

All users of Mobdro app will be able to:

  • Discover the brand new free video streams uploaded by people all around the people through various websites. The videos will be about various topics and also from various languages.
  • Share the videos those seen to be very interesting to friends or also families. Let them know that the videos are worthy to be watched. This sharing feature can be done in just a click.
  • Bookmark and organize the streamed videos easily. The videos can be bookmarked first and then they can be organized further by categorizing them into several categories such as languages or topics of the videos.

Users of premium version will be able to capture streams and get the ChromeCast support. Capturing streams here means that users will be able to download their favorite streamed videos and then watch the videos offline instead of online. This pretty much makes Mobdro for smart TV a more than appealing idea. The premium version also allows users to freely use the application without getting annoyed by advertisements.

What to Do to Download Mobdro ?

How to download Mobdro ? This is a crucial question that often being asked by the people who have interest in using this particular application. Because this application is made for Android devices, a lot of people naturally go to Google Play Store. However, there are unable to download the app and end up being confused.

It’s easy to make a mistake of going to Google Play Store because Android applications flock there. Mobdro Android app is not like that. It’s available exclusively on its official website. For the interested people, they can visit the official website here to get the app downloaded. The current version of Mobdro APK 2017 (version 2.0.22) is 23 MB in size and it needs at least Android 4.1. In order to download and install the application, follow the following steps:

  • Open SETTINGS of the Android device. Scroll down to find SECURITY and then tap on it. Scroll down again to find UNKNOWN SOURCES and then allow the installation of applications from other sources aside of Play Store.
  • Visit this trusted website and then download the application from the download page directly from the mobile devices.
  • When the APK file has been fully downloaded, start the installation by pulling down the notice bar and tap on it.
  • Before installation can be started, the mobile devices will ask user confirmation on the requirements for the application such as the network access. Tap on install and wait until it finished.

Mobdro for Android and PC (Windows and Mac)

The process to download and install Mobdro for Android is very easy and well instructed. It’s a very natural thing considering the initial idea upon the creation of this application. Despite of this fact, a lot of people don’t give up on wanting to use the app for other possible devices. Some people prefer to use PC (Windows or Mac). Is it even possible? The answer will be yes. It’s possible to use this application of even the other applications on a PC. The process won’t be as easy as Mobdro app download for Android and will need help from other application.

The application meant here is the Android emulator for PC. These emulators can be found on internet and for free as well. Bluestacks and Nox App Player are two examples amongst the many options. The emulator needs to be downloaded first before application can be forcefully used on a personal computer. Without the emulator being installed, the application cannot be used no matter what efforts done to make it works.

What about for iOS devices? Is there Mobdro for iPhone? Please read more detail here.

Mobdro APK : Download Latest Official or Older Version of Mobdro

Mobdro is not available in the Google Play Store. So, we will need to download Mobdro APK file through other sources such as or Mobdro APK mirror server.

Mobdro App Download

How to Install Mobdro on Various Devices

We write simple tutorials about how to install Mobdro application on various devices such as Android smartphone or tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire, PC or Laptop with Windows OS. We also will guide you how to install Mobdro for iOS based devices (iPhone, iPad), Kodi, Chromecast and Smart TV devices.

Please read the following articles for more detail guide installing Modbro on your specific devices :

Mobdro for Android devices (smartphone or tablet)
Please follow this guide for installing Mobdro app on Android smartphone or tablet : Mobdro for Android

Mobdro for Laptop or PC with Windows OS.
If you want to install Mobdro on PC or laptop with Windows OS (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7) on it, please read the tutorial in here : Mobdro for PC, Laptop, Windows

Mobdro for iOS / Mobdro iPhone / Mobdro iPad
Information about Mobdro for iOS based devices (including iPhone & iPad) is available here : Mobdro for iOS, iPhone, iPad

Mobdro for Kindle Fire
If you want to install Mobdro on Amazon Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD devices, please read the tutorial in here : Mobdro for Kindle Fire

Mobdro for Kodi
Kodi plugins for Mobdro are not official and not supported. Tutorial about how-to install Mobdro for Kodi software will be updated soon. This system will enables our smart television to make live streaming.

Mobdro for Smart TV
Have you ever imagine how Mobdro app can run on smart TV like Samsung, LG, Android Smart TV, etc ? This will be great. We will update this tutorial soon.

Mobdro for Chromecast
Mobdro for chromecast is available on Mobdro premium version. Read more detail about Mobdro Premium APK.


Mobdro TV App

Mobdro Online TV and Video Streams

Today we can use our Android device as an online TV by using Mobdro Online TV app. Mobdro TV app enables us to watch TV streaming on our Android device (phone or tablet) or PC by using Android emulator.

We can watch many TV channels such as Cartoon Network, ABC Family, BBC, Animal Planet and Syfy using Modro TV online. We also can watch movies or other videos by using this Modbro app.

Mobdro Online TV

Mobdro TV Free Sports

Mobdro TV app allows us to stream live sports channels such as Sky Sports, BT Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, NBA TV, Eurosport, etc. By using this Modro TV app, we can watch many sports games live on our mobile devices easily.

We can watch racing sports like Formula 1 and MotoGP by using Mobdro TV live streaming. We also can watch football / soccer games such as FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro 2016, Copa America 2016, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, EPL (English Premier League / Barclays Premier League), Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, etc.


Mobdro App

A Quick Mobdro Review

Now that the application has been explained above, it’s time to check on quick Mobdro review. Overall, this is a very good application. It has good features. It’s easy to be used by anyone. It has good UI that allows users to navigate with ease. It’s available in two types, freemium and premium. The app’s ability to look for good free streamed videos will be well appreciated. It becomes even better with the ability to bookmark and organize the interesting videos. For premium users, Modro app for Android also allows them to download and watch videos offline.

This useful application has always been meant for Android. It’s such an unfortunate that people who use other devices (iOS) can’t use this application. Maybe, they will be able to find apps like Mobdro. Maybe not too similar but at least it can help. As the number of people who love watching videos increase, this app will be downloaded more. A lot of people will love its benefits. More importantly, the future development of the Modro app will be very interesting to be checked from time to time.


Common Problems about Mobdro & Troubleshooting

There are some common problems when install Mobdro on our devices :

  • If you are getting the categories lists are empty : configure your network settings to use Google Public DNS.
  • If you are getting the message “check your connection” : please check your internet connection and try again. If you have no connections problems, then you are probably using an unsupported older version. Download the latest version of Mobdro at here.
  • If you are getting “Parse Error” message : it means the Android version on the device is lower than the Android version Mobdro was compiled for. Android 4.1 or newer is required to install Mobdro app.
  • If you are getting some streams are playing slowly or suffer from stuttering : please check your internet connection and then try again. If you have no internet connection problem, so it is probable that the streaming is reaching its maximum bandwidth capacity. Unfortunately, Mobdro can not do anything to solve this because Mobdro don’t have any control on the streamings.
  • If you are getting a stream in your lists yesterday, but now it’s gone : Mobdro is an indexation tool, it means that Mobdro only looks which streams are available. Mobro doesn’t have any control whatsoever on the streaming things. If the streaming that you are looking for was on the list before and now has vanished, it means that it was online but right now it is offline.


New Updates about Mobdro

  • Latest Mobdro APK 2.0.30 (2017) has been released. Bug fixed for crashing while loading stream list and overlapping in the navigation drawer.
  • Mobdro 2.0.24 has been released. It comes with native support for arm64 devices.
  • Official version of Mobdro 2.0.16 has been released which solves minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Latest version of Mobdro 2.0.9 version has been released. Download it from here.
  • New version Mobdro 2.0.4 has been released which solves the issue with the pause button showing in the middle of the screen for certain devices. If you don’t want to wait for the auto update, you can get it from here.
  • Mobdro Premium is not yet available. It will be available when Chromecast is working more efficiently.

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    • It mostly because your Android version is lower than mobdro apk compiled for. So, you should upgrade your Android OS on your device and then try to install again.

  1. I have installed this on my Android TV. Once installed and select open it works great, but when I close it there is not a shortcut for it on the Home screen to reopen it…

  2. i have the app for along time ago but the version 1.2.4 works fine and the version 2.0 or 2.0.2 or 2.0.3 its freze and freze and freze dont work fine…

    • Turn Google app verification off.
      Find a separate app called Google Settings.
      In your main Settings app, scroll down and touch Google >> Touch Security >> under “Verify apps”, turn Scan device for security threats on or off. When this setting is on, it regularly checks your device activity and prevents or warns about potential harm. Now turn that off.

  3. I love this app. I have even shared it with my friends. We no longer go to viewing center at night for champions League but rather, friends converge in my house for MOBDRO live streaming. Thanks.

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