Mobdro iOS – Download Mobdro for iPhone, iPad, iOS, Mac and OS X

Mobdro iOS – This is tutorial how to install Mobdro for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple and Mac Computer with OS X. We can run Mobdro app on Mac OS by using Android emulator software. Please read the following article for more detail information.

Mobdro for Iphone

Mobdro for iPhone and the Alternatives to be Tried

In search for useful applications, comes the idea to use Mobdro for iPhone. For those who are not familiar with Mobdro, it is a good app to help searching and watching free video and live TV streaming.

The app will keep on searching for free videos and list them. Users of the app will easily watch videos by checking the list created by the application. It is something good to shrink the time needed to find the worthy videos to be watched.

The usefulness of the app has made it a very popular to be searched. Mobdro iPhone will certainly be loved by a lot of people who use iPhone or even the other devices of iOS.

How to Download & Install Mobdro for iPhone

Mobdro is not available for iPhone, later the developer may plan to release Mobdro for iPhone (iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S). We will inform you soon if any update about Mobdro for iPhone device.

For now, we would like to recommend you some Mobdro alternative apps for iPhone in here.


Mobdro for iPad

Mobdro for iPad Availability

As a lot of people want Mobdro used for iPhone, there are also the ones who expect Mobdro for iPad.

As far as the news and information around the web, Mobdro is an Android application. The developer has clearly stated that this application is only available for Android.

Even until now, there will be no official version of Mobdro can be found for devices with iOS as the operating system. Mobdro iPad doesn’t seem to meet any light and a lot of people don’t like this fact.

How to Download & Install Mobdro for iPad

Mobdro for iPad is still not officially available yet. For now, we have to wait until the developer release Mobdro for iPad (iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad air). We will let you know soon if any update regarding Mobdro iPad.

Please read similar apps like Mobdro for iPad devices here.


Mobdro iOS

How to Download & Install Mobdro for iOS

Unfortunately for now, Mobdro is only available on Android (smartphone or tablet) and Android OS based device (Kindle Fire, etc).

We have to wait until the developer release Mobdro for iOS based device. If any information about Mobdro iOS, we will inform you soon.

What to Do to Replace Mobdro iOS ?

Mobdo iOS doesn’t seem to be a good option with the developer obviously stated no iOS version yet. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the developer won’t develop the official version.

They may but who knows when. While waiting for the Mobdro iOS, trying the alternatives will not be a bad idea.

For the ones who have interest in finding applications with the almost similar experience with Mobdro, various options are available. HotStar, MovieBox, PlayBox, Showbox, UStream and more can be the good Mobdro alternative for iOS / iPhone / iPad.

There are some alternative apps like Mobdro iOS, please check here.


Mobdro for mac

What is the Possibility for Mobdro for Mac ?

Now that the iOS option is not available, people wonder about Mobdro for Mac OS. Is it possible for Mac to have Mobdro of its own ?

Again, the official version of Mobdro has only intended to be used by Android users. It’s disappointing to be known by some people. However, considering that Mac is a kind of personal computer, it can be forced to use Mobdro.

How is it possible ? The answer lies in a variety of Android emulators for PC. Thanks to this, Mobdro is a possible application.

The option to use the application called Mobdro by using emulator is not a bad thing at all. It is considerably very useful especially for the people who want to use Mobdro even when they don’t have Android devices.

The process in getting this option is quite simple and will take only a little bit of time. Just download the particular emulators on Mac and then run Mobdro by using the emulators. This way is good for Mac PC but it’s not for Mobdro for iPhone. For the iPhone, there seems to no way available to force it to work on iPhone.

Mobdro Mac

How to Download & Install Mobdro for Mac

If you have Mac computer with OS X, you can still use Mobdro for Mac by using Android emulator software.

So far, BlueStacks is the best Android emulator for Mac. Please read tutorial below how to install Mobdro on Mac OS X computer.

Installing Mobdro on Mac PC/laptop is almost similar with installing Mobdro on PC / Laptop / Windows. Please read the following step-by-step tutorial :

1. Download and install the BlueStacks emulator for Mac from here.

2. Download the latest offical Mobdro APK file from here for newest or previous version.

3. Double click on Mobdro Apk file or right click on that Apk file and choose “Open with Bluestacks APK Installer”.

4. Go to BlueStacks home > All Apps > click on ‘Mobdro’ icon to run Mobdro app.

You will be prompted to update the app when you open Mobdro app for the first time.

That’s it! Now we are able to streams video on our Mac Computer.

8 thoughts on “Mobdro iOS – Download Mobdro for iPhone, iPad, iOS, Mac and OS X

  1. I downloaded Blue Stacks, but it won’t open. My Mac runs OSX 10.7.5 and I can’t upgrade to a later version on this machine. So, is there a version of Blue Stacks that will run on my Mac?

  2. I’ve loaded Bluestacks successfully on my new Mac Mini running OS X 10.12.5 (Sierra) and then downloaded and installed Mobdro 2.0.46 Premium. Mobdro opens fine but when I try to open any Channel, stream or any feature of the app it closes and I’m back to the Bluestacks home screen where Mobdro is now listed under recently played.

    Any solutions?


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